Professional Organizations

A professional organization, sometimes referred to as a professional association, exists to advance a particular profession, support the interests of individuals working in that profession, and help move the discipline and its contributions to the industry or field forward by facilitating innovation, communication, and connection. A professional organization typically requires member dues, has a leadership body, and includes a range of subcommittees or functional areas. Professional organizations in healthcare can also be national, international, state-based, regionally-based, or specific to a certain specialty area.

While there are four types of professional organizations–(1) member-benefit, (2) designation-granting, (3), certifying bodies, and (4) professional regulatory bodies–APPex’s Professional Organization’s section is specifically devoted to member-benefit organizations/associations. These organizations focus primarily on benefiting their individual members through access to physical resources, like journals and conferences. They also offer resources like peer support, networking & job searching, access to meetings & events, and guidance on legislative, practice, and/or research updates within the profession or specialty.

APPex has collected information on all applicable advanced practice professional organization and associations. This includes all the advanced practice roles (PAs, NPs, CRNAs, CNMs, and CNSs) and all relevant specialties in which APPs practice. The database includes national, international, state, and regional/local groups.

The Professional Organization database is searchable by name, state, organization level (e.g., national, state, regional/local), advanced practice role, population type, and specialty. A wealth of information about the organization/association is available, including: name, logo, year established, role focus, specialty focus, address, organization contact information, website, and links to social media sites.

This section is exclusively for APPex individual and corporate members.