Inquiry, experimentation, and research help to seek and uncover answers and ultimately inform action. Results and findings have a tremendous influence on current and future policies, clinical practice and administrative strategy. Academic literature, books, opinion articles and other similar publications are the end result which guides such efforts.

APPex has conducted a thorough search of major literature databases and assembled a comprehensive catalogue of over 900 articles pertaining to the administrative and managerial responsibilities and structures involving advanced practice. Articles are searchable by title, author, journal, and year. They have also been grouped and sorted by administrative topic in advanced practice (e.g., billing, productivity, orientation, OPPE/FPPE, competency, etc.) providing readers with quick and convenient access to all currently published knowledge.

APPex has identified and gathered all essential literature to support healthcare leaders and APPs with insights that promote optimal APP utilization, patient care, an informed point of view, and the sharing of information.

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